Linking communities and our future . . .

The Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority and its partners have embarked on a study of public transportation options for the corridor connecting Buffalo and Amherst. This could include an extension of Metro Rail, improvements to current bus service or something else altogether, like bus rapid transit. We do not know where the study is headed. We do know that together we can make getting around the region safer, more environmentally friendly and cost effective. So join us. The discussion starts here and now.

In case you missed it . . .

Presentation from the June 11 open house

The presentation given at the inaugural workshops is available here.

Here is a look at the workshop materials.

You can download the Executive Summary,  Purpose and Need Statement (draft) here.

You can get a look at the whole Purpose and Need Statement (draft) here .


  1. Like it was supposed to be in the first place.

  2. A pipeline to bring all of Buffalo's problems out into the heart of Amherst?? No thanks. We live here for a reason.

    1. Like the bus system already does?

  3. I like the Niagara Falls Blvd. LRT Proposal #1. I would make one change though. Instead of running in the meridian of the 990, I would run it between the 990 and Dodge Rd. thus eliminating the need for the tunnel to enter Cross Point.

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