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The Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority and its partners have embarked on a study of public transportation options for the corridor connecting Buffalo and Amherst. This could include an extension of Metro Rail, improvements to current bus service or something else altogether, like bus rapid transit. We do not know where the study is headed. We do know that together we can make getting around the region safer, more environmentally friendly and cost effective. So join us. The discussion starts here and now.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Are We On the Right Track (pun intended)?

You tell us.

This evening is our public open house at UB Allen Hall. Stop in anytime from 4-8pm to learn about the 4 recommended alternatives and provide your input.

Here's a teaser - we're looking at LRT on Niagara Falls Blvd. and BRT on Niagara Falls Blvd., Bailey Ave., and Millersport Highway.

If you can't make it tonight but want to be able to provide comments, no worries. We're having another meeting on June 23rd from 6-8pm at the Museum of disABILITY History.

You can also leave your feedback here.


  1. I support the Niagara Falls Light Rail Extension option but think that it is unrealistic to believe that the will exists to fund this project and make it happen in my lifetime. Therefore, with that said, I would support the Millersport BRT option and additional routes into Amherst.

    Specifically, I believe that NFTA shouild find the hard data on the locations of our Amherst population most in need of access to public transportation. I believe that the Erie County Medicaid Inspector General has such "hard" data and that office could be a reliable rescource for NFTA route planning. Take advantage of that opportunity.

  2. I would favor any light rail extension especially down the blvd because lets face it the traffice on the blvd is horrendous at best especially on saturdays and rush hour... I also hope to see it come to the crosspoint business park as the last awesome way to get to downtown quick and in such a short time

  3. Finish what WNY started building, the Light Rail out to Amherst to SUNY North Campus, possibly Cross Point's, it's been 40 years. "Fatal Flaw's" not caught in Tier 1 & 2? Show me the money $$$ like every other city with 1/2 cent sales taxes or Bonding authority. "Fatal Flaw". NFTA cannot afford the existing system and the FTA has warned the State and local leaders. NFTA's Inability to replace escalators, the 27 LRV's,even the ability to only lease the next generation of LNG buses from Nova bus. Rail is best but expensive. Rail's dedicated R/W is superior especially in winter. In transportation the shortest distance between two point's is best and a Light Rail line on Millersport Hwy is most direct but is now dropped. The Boulevard Mall route would generate hopefully "transit oriented development" and that's a plus. SUNY will generate most of the ridership, is SUNY via the State paying for a portion of the Capital and Operating costs? Funding should already been in pace since 50% or more needed to get the FTA match. Reality is the "Locally Preferred Alternative" is the automobile, "Car's on Main St" says it all. With NFTA money too.

  4. Taking LRT or BRT through all that sparsely built exurban space to Crosspoint runs counter to common sense (and the conclusions of the recently completed One Region Forward analysis of what constitutes "smart growth"). Public transportation is most efficient in high density areas. (Who moved to Getzville because they were willing to take the bus?) GEICO and any other Crosspoint businesses dependent on low-wage workers should never have located beyond the reach of existing bus lines to begin with. Especially when we had - and continue to have - so much unused office space in the city within reach of one or more bus routes, tax payers should not have to subsidize those poor business decisions by sending new lines out after the fact. To do so would be rewarding sprawl !

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